Thursday, April 28, 2011

Her Goodies Bag, a Stroke of Genius!!

I almost forgot that it was Farissa's school April's birthdays event.. well, all kids who celebrated their birthday in April got to celebrate at school.. yippie!!

so, mlm khamis we trotted along jusco to find the perfect goodies (without poking out of mama's wallet).. hehe.. nak claim kat papa, papa laks tade.. auntie nora from the mama's office suggested something simple for the bags.. so, mama just upgrade sket jeks from the idea..

we purchase some disney's serviettes (tissue) "princess and playhouse disney" and poke them inside sandwiches plastic bags.. and walla!! cheap but gorgeous goodie bags.. ha ha... ooh.. by the way.. we needed to pack for 60 kids!! that's a huge task ok...

A magnificent photo of my little princess surrounded by all of her goodies!! she's really looking forward to distribute these bags..

tada!!! a close up... disney princess and mickey mouse club house..

Goodies consists of chicken twisters, london strawberry rolls, some chocolates and biscuits (couldn't recall the name).. strictly no sweets cause I do have strict NO sweets policies.. :)

Disney princess for the little ladies...

Mickey mouse goodies for the little men...

Farissa laughing away after completing all 60 of them... sticking her name stickers on top of each bags... a job well done baby girl!!!
a job well done..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My New Home Pre Reveal

Hi semua... hari Isnin yg indah.. hehehe..

Actually, hari ni rase happy sgt sebab kebykkan hal2 rumah semakin hampir 100% setel.. segala penat lelah mendesign dan plan utk rumah ni~~ alhamdullilah mmg nmpk effect yg dikehendaki hati ini... I just love it!!! <-- senang cite

So~~ tanpa melembap2 pre-reveal ni... meh sini i cite sket ape yg telah diselesaikan pada hujung minggu ni... yahooo!!!

ok.. perkara pertama.. take off the silly banner on top of the house.. to tell you as a matter factly.. I will not take this contractor ever again... huhu.. panjang citenyer.. dan sakit hati nk menceritakannyer.. so i malas la.. :) yg penting keje2 derang hampir selesai (belum touch up lg)..
sebagai nasihat kepada semua.. kalo ada duit lebih tuh.. baik invest on ID yg akan menguruskan segala hal rumah.. so tak payah sakit hati ngan sakit kepala memikirkannye... :D

talk about ID.. this is the only item in the house yg direka khas oleh ID.. overall keje kemas dan i sgt2 puas hati... very la spacious <-- full height.. ;) just kalo ada duit nanti i nk tmbh satu whole body cermin kat depan sliding door tuh.. hihi.. wat do you guys think??
Farissa tgh sibuk testing drawers...

taraaa~~~~ whimsical kan?? all the colors biler dah mesh together.. once ada sofa.. nanti uolls mesti dpt feel lg hebat... some ppl may think that this is not nice.. tp for me and for my little family... its haven just as it is... :)

oh yaaaa... with the painting.. haaaa~~ jgn comment pasal aircon tuh.. mmg dah tercacat.. nk wat camne.. ni antara2 benda yg slack contractor tu buat.. but still... sakit jiwa malas cite...

tgk.. tgk.. tgk.. cantik tak kengkawan??? hik hik...

yg ni?? cantik tak?? hahhaa.. nak gaks masuk gambo... sukenyer dia.. dia lg feel masuk rumah dari mama dia ni.. hahaha...

ok... lastly.. just nk say that there is much more to share with u guys.. nanti i update rooms2 yg lain gaks.. and my new hot stove with my new hot kitchen... mmg just a dream laa...
plus also KESILAPAN2 yg I buat so that u guys tak buat gaks.. itu kemudian yaa... daaa~~~~


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