Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 in 1 Room!

Haha.. its always the best if we have a buffer room to our house, isn't it? But that is no excuse to keep it messy.. :p so here is a view of my little buffer room.. (library + nursery + laundry + storage + office ).. haha..

5 in 1.. if Kak Mi nampak ni abis I!!!

Baby gate to keep the little one at bay! Penyelongkar terhandal Lestari Putra..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring Cleaning

(a) It is always a good idea to clean your space (home) once in a while (not once a year).

(b) Seperate items in transparent / paper boxes - ensure that is tag with a name outside it for easier searching.

(c) Boxes are great for moving and keeping things but too many of it makes you a HORDER!! Do not let your horder self gets thebetter of you.

(d) Keep all of ur warranty and resits in a file for easier tracking. (Not inside a cluttered drawers.. which drawer.. hmmm can't remember..)

(e) Give away UNUSED items. To do this:
  • Take out all of your stuffs in a big area
  • Look at an item for 3 seconds each before deciding to throw it out or keep it. (More than 3 secs. THROW OUT!)

  • Rearrange it the logical way possible. The items that you most frequently should be at the top or the outest placing.

This picture below is an image of my small storage area.. take a peak!!

Sentimental Mashimaro from my graduation days

15 mins of arranging


Welcome 2009!

Happy New Year everybody!!

Hope that this will be a great year for all!
I got a great start of the year already.
1) Got my convection oven (get ready to bake!bake!bake!)
2) Got my spanking mama gloves (get ready to clean!clean!clean!)
3) Got my hot GUESS handbag with love from my one and only.
4) Got my hot heels which I had never got the chance to wear before the NEW year.
5) Got to meet with a super hot diva! (Dato' Siti)
Yup a great start wouldn't you say? Yup a good start!


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