Monday, May 31, 2010

My Family's Sweetest Moment @sweetomoide Contest

Haa.. interested nak join contest yg baru? Well, I found one contest yg sesape jeks leh join.. kirenye bukan mommies yg anak bawah 3 tahun jeks leh join ar.. hihi.. Leh singgah di sini..

So, for this contest.. I nak pertaruhkan gambo di bawah ini.. Percutian kami sekeluarga di Singapura Universal Studios!! Sangat menarik since Farissa sgt obses dgn character2 di dlm Madagascar hihihi.. Since mama dan papa sgt sibuk (most of the time dgn keje).. Percutian ni our little family dpt spend quality time together2.. :)

Gambar bersama Alex the Lion.. dr kiri.. Farah (mama), Farissa dan Bob (papa)..
6th May 2010
Time ni cuaca sgt panas.. tp semua tetap hepi & sronok sgt bergambar bersama Madagascar characters.. Beratur pun agak lama.. but its all worth it!! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Masters & Training

Alhamdullilah.. and syukur.. I almost completed my first trimester of my Masters programme. Tak sangka.. something I almost rushed into turn to something wonderful, aspiring and well established in me..

As much as I care for the people I work with.. those blaja ngan I pun.. I feel the same way.. good and nice people.. from all over.. I respect them all as they are mothers, wives and independent women and men!! Go guys!! you are the greatest and lets do well for our finals.. wuuhuuu..

These picture were taken in our web launching of our Post Graduates alumni.. Enjoy!!

My inspiring and brilliant classmates..

All of us are mommies to little todds!! How did we ever do it ladies?

The fani guy in class.. baha..

here are shafiq and hanis.. brilliant people!!

My beautiful fren.. Amina from Tanzania..

Ms. Haida.. cute ayyy...

Superb programmer!! Mr. Azman.. Tq for being my lab partner!! hihihi..

Last but not least my eva cute lecturer.. Ms. Azira.. kite same umur ya.. hehe..

OOppps.. masuk cite lain.. arituh I pi training.. for 1 whole week..
I enrol myself for Courseware Certification Programme which I tot was really great and in depth to what I am doing rite now..
Coursemate.. Kak Haslita.. brilliant lady.. with brilliant voice.. haha.. leh jadik voice talent ni..

We had lunch at an Indian retaurant which was really nice..

Tandoori.. I know what u r thinking..
Bukan setiap ptg ke fara mkn tandoori.. huhuhu..

Oooo the next day we went to a local cuisine restaurant.. Name: Sisters.. which was grand..

Nasi goreng seafood with sambal belacan on the side!! Magnificent..

My trainer Dr. Mario with me holding my cert.. you may go to his blog at

The whole geng!! Habis dah!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Mothers Day Mama!!

I know that its a bit too late to be blogging bout this...
however, i nak letak gaks..
I love you mama..
You had given me so much..
You had always love me..
Now, I am a mama..
I am blessed will all the knowledge that you had bestowed upon me..
Love you always..
To all mommies out there..
Hepi belated mommies day..
Bought a Cake for mama..

Mama and my brother hakim..

My dad, my mom and my brother!!
I am not in the pic coz malas nak pakai tudung.. ekeke..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Deco Exhibition KLCC 2010

If you don't like crowded place then this is not where you want to end up.. On Sat morning, I had set a day out with my sis and my bro to visit this eva famous home deco.. Main thing is, I wanted to survey a few items before my house is finally complete <-- which I really tak tau bila.. My housing developer is untrustworthy of datelines and such.. (cakap tak serupa bikin).. Anyhow, insyallah the house will be complete by end of this year.. *insyallah..

So, we shoot straight tru mex highway and arive at KLCC at say 10.50am.. The convention centre is full!!! closed!! Yeah you heard me rite.. Maybe this was my first time and should be there by 9.00am ke ape ke..

Everything went ok.. and we finally hit a car park at B2.. Bila sampai dlm I found out that all visitors kene register.. ooooh ok.. register jeks pe.. we then had too take the escalator straight up to the 5th floor and have to make our way down la.. ada 4 halls if I am not mistaken.. Tp seriusly.. there were so many people!! Walking is not made possible and kepala I dah pening2 dah.. So end up.. buying nothing and it was no fun.. lagik pun my siblings dah bising2.. Farissa lg la.. Dah tak bleh jln pun.. huhuhu..

Then, I suggested we all went to Pavillion to have some food and fun!! Enjoy the pics!! Having lunch at Mdm Kwan.. Gambo blurry sebab gune my-phone.. ekeke..

overjoyed sebab dpt rehatkan kaki..

Adik nak order makan..

Nice ambience..

Not so many people here at Mdm Kwans..

Hana tak tau ape nak order ke?

The nice menu..

I ordered Mushroom chicken rice..


cendol for adik.. looks yummy ain't it?

Noodles with dumpling soup.. you got to try this!!


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