Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home Deco Exhibition KLCC 2010

If you don't like crowded place then this is not where you want to end up.. On Sat morning, I had set a day out with my sis and my bro to visit this eva famous home deco.. Main thing is, I wanted to survey a few items before my house is finally complete <-- which I really tak tau bila.. My housing developer is untrustworthy of datelines and such.. (cakap tak serupa bikin).. Anyhow, insyallah the house will be complete by end of this year.. *insyallah..

So, we shoot straight tru mex highway and arive at KLCC at say 10.50am.. The convention centre is full!!! closed!! Yeah you heard me rite.. Maybe this was my first time and should be there by 9.00am ke ape ke..

Everything went ok.. and we finally hit a car park at B2.. Bila sampai dlm I found out that all visitors kene register.. ooooh ok.. register jeks pe.. we then had too take the escalator straight up to the 5th floor and have to make our way down la.. ada 4 halls if I am not mistaken.. Tp seriusly.. there were so many people!! Walking is not made possible and kepala I dah pening2 dah.. So end up.. buying nothing and it was no fun.. lagik pun my siblings dah bising2.. Farissa lg la.. Dah tak bleh jln pun.. huhuhu..

Then, I suggested we all went to Pavillion to have some food and fun!! Enjoy the pics!! Having lunch at Mdm Kwan.. Gambo blurry sebab gune my-phone.. ekeke..

overjoyed sebab dpt rehatkan kaki..

Adik nak order makan..

Nice ambience..

Not so many people here at Mdm Kwans..

Hana tak tau ape nak order ke?

The nice menu..

I ordered Mushroom chicken rice..


cendol for adik.. looks yummy ain't it?

Noodles with dumpling soup.. you got to try this!!


Liz said...

HomeDec kena pegi awal. If lambat Liz usually parking kat level bawah bawah in KLCC or parking kat office opposite Convention Centre then walk. And bawak stroller sebab senang nak selit kertas kertas yang exhibitors tuh bagi kan. But parking untuk HomeDec is much much better than parking for Perfect Livin' at PWTC!

Nadra Farissa said...

Thanks for the tips liz!!! :D

fazdarazat said...

mummy farissa,
mummy tau ke farissa menang contest..hehe..seminggu lebih cek tunggu.tak perasan ye announcement.
nanti emel nama penuh,alamat dan no tipon.alamat pastikan ada org pick up masa pos laju smpi.

miralatiff said...

arghh..I miss this the time this exhibition arrived I dah flew to Nigeria..My husband jer sempat pegi..Banyak ker barang2 best? Anyways, your daughter sangat adorable..
Tetibe rase lapar biler tengok mushroom chicken rice tu..


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