Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sleeping Cutie Contest

Anybody interested to join this contest? Mcm best so marilah ramai2 mengjoinkan diri memasing.. :)

Nama: Nadra Farissa
Tarikh Lahir: 12 April 2007
Email: Farah Izza Binti Shafik
Lagu dodoi:
mama.. papa.. sayang dia..
namanya farissa..
mama.. papa.. cinta dia..
namanya farissa..

serius.. ni lah lagu dodoian mama dan ayah saya.. dan ni lah lagu dodoi farissa.. hehehe.. lagu turun-menurun nih..
Tarikh tutup: 9th April 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Turning 2* ... Happy Birthday to Me!! :D

Today is my birthday... :) 16th March..

So, last weekend my dad blanje the whole family in honor of myself turning 2* years old.. ekeke..
Bukan tak nak bgtau but dah 3 tahun berturut2 i tak tukar tahun hari lahir.. LOL...

Anyways, he treat us at TGI in Sunway last Sunday.. mama tade sebab sibuk ke MATTA fair.. so this is some of the capture momments.. :)

Mr darling hubby a.k.a Mr. Bob..
My lil bro and ayah..

my sis & my other lil bro..

my dotter of all traits..

waiting for the food.. after done with shopping.. haha..

smile everyone..

hana giving us a peace here..

Farissa dah bosan tunggu...

ice lemon tea for me..

orange juice..

chocolate milk shake for the lil one..

This plate is for Hana.. Adobo chicken.. yummy..
She is a chickerian.. no beef policy.. haa haa..

This is mine.. steak and all steak..
my diet gone up in the air for this.. takpe la ...
kids eat for free..
Farissa is having chicken sticks and fries...
this one no vegetable policy.. *sigh*
Thanks ayah for the lovely lunch!!! Muahs..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Home Deco Purchase

Most of my closest friends know that I am just crazy in love going to warehouse sales.. Well last week, Fella design was having just that.. incredible warehouse sales that will turns your pocket around.. haha.. So just to show some incredible find, enjoy the pics that I had taken!!

This is a beautiful magnificent mirror.. Plan to hang this in my new dining area.. It is large and very da victorian style ya..

Look at the price!! Jgn tertipu ya.. Cermin hanya berharge RM 280 jeks.. haha.. bestkan.. beso tapi very affordable..

Just look at the detailing of the mirron.. Sukanya tgk ukiran2 kat tepi frame dia..
Oh.. btw, the frame got some chips at the end.. tp nanti i akan buat diy tampalan frame.. tunggu..

Got this couch as well for the little missy here.. About RM 160.. good quality.. org beso pun leh duduk kat atas ni.. :)

Oh.. how i love flowers.. yang ni I beli kat Lovely Lace :) with 20% discount.. I can't wait to put all this together in my new home nanti.. huh.. bila la nak siap..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pom Pang Kompang!!

Ini ceritanya.. Last weekend is one of the most busiest weekend eva!! Mcm2 ada.. kenduri kawen.. birthday.. movies.. furniture shopping... to name a few.. wakaka..

Let's start off the cerita one of my colleagues wedding in Melaka.. kami terpakse ke side wife dia sebab ada hal this weekend.. tp takpela kan.. yang penting tunjuk muke dan bawak perut ;).. dah plan awal2 nak pi ngan member (aka kak keh).. konvoi sesame ke sane.. so enjoy the pics taken ya.. Oh.. btw.. on that day the wether was incredibly hot.. waaaah...

Unsur2 video kat bawah noon di sane..

My family pakai kuning on the day.. Sukenye bob.. jumpe sape tuh rasenye.. ekeke..

Melor dan mimin pun dah selesai makan time ni..

The kids had fun before the pengantin sampai..

Kak keh, Melor dan Kak Fadh.. kuruskan akak kat seblah kanan tuh.. hihi..

cool mommies.. nak nenyambut pengatin!!

haaa... sampai pun akhirnya.. hensem tuh..

Pakku and wife.. cute couplekan?

Oooo and yes.. ada 2 pengantin on that day..


Gambar di atas pelamin.. :)

Video ni is when the pengantin sampai kat rumah..
Main lari2.. comel.. best tgk derang kawan2 camnih..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Little Project

At one time.. I was thinking ape yang nak digantungkan dlm bilik Farissa nanti.. fikirnya fikir last2 carik method yang paling saving sekalik.. :) which was to buy the cheapest frame in ikea and fill in some nice present wrapper.. these are the ingredient..

Some nice wrappers (theme Farissa fun and cute),
frame of choice..
Thats all.. senang jeks..

Cut off some of the pictures yang nak dilekatkan on the frames..
These are just some that I chose..

Cut them individually..

Insert the choosen side of the wrapper and the other cute elements just glue them on the frame itself!! Cute huh..

Another of the end product.. yeay!! ;)


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