Monday, December 21, 2009

Lady In Red Giveaway

I think this giveaway comes at the right time.. Sempena my wedding anniversary for the 4th year, I nak join this contest!! A pic of me right here.. when I married and I was the 'Lady In Red'.. So, I am wishing the sponsors good luck and hope they have a bombastic wedding!! Congrats you guys!!

Anyone interested? Enter here!

I am so blessed and so happy that day to be with the one I love! :P Jiwang seh.. ekeke..

1. Buat entry bertajuk Lady In Red Giveaway done
2. Buat entry Pasal Giveaway nie and upload gamba yg nk dipertandingkan. Cuma 1 gamba jer taw... done
3. Be my Follower . nie wajib , senang kalau ade ape2 update .. and jgn lupa add me dalam bloglist anda done
4 . Letakkan banner kat entry ngan side bar berserta linknya sekali done
5. Jangan lupa Mention about the contest in your entry with links back to this entryrase senang je kot giveaway nie... done
Contest bermula hari nie sehingga 9 January 2010 , esoknya 10 Jan 2010, keputusan akan diumumkan...

Fun day out!!

Last weekend.. I ajak bobby keluar jejalan hik hik.. fikir punya fikir.. lastly end up in Sunway Pyramid.. I ask bobby to skip our breakfast in hopes in getting breakfast + lunch there..
Kononnye nak makan bento tp tak bukak lg restoren tuh.. so makan kat 'Popeye'..
Something new.. but not bad.. Jom tgk some of the pics taken.. Enjoy!!

The mash patato is better than KFCs..

The set consist of fried chicken and seafood..

strawberry cake for dessert..

say cheese..

now, there is even a small theme park inside the shopping complex.. each ride is RM3.. for a little girl whom is scared of fish.. farissa loves rides!!

Jerky train..

flying clown faces?!

Farissa's and her new little mermaid building blocks..

On Sunday.. Alamanda we went!! and chicken rice shop we dine <-- bobby mmg suke makan kat sini..

My little rock star.. rambut pas kene potong ngan mama.. ahaks..

Some of the items that I shopped!!

MPH has YES!! So, I bought a book which I found fascinating..
*Note - I just love to know other people lives throught the continent of the world.. this book is written of a life in Africa..

haa.. if you renew your jusco membership now.. you will get a free teddy...

Poney lil jeans.. cute huh??!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


There is a new contest in the blog.. hihi.. Simple and yet fascinating.. :)
So, kepada sesiapa yang berminat.. Jom join sekalik!! You may click on the image below:

Comelnye yg kaki pakai socks tuh,.. ahaks..
Calon gambo yg nak dipetarungkan.. Jeng 3x..

Big belly mommy..
No photo can beat this..
Overdue by 2 weeks..
Takdela cun2 ngan model2 yang lain but still lain dr yang lain..
Don't you think?

Monday, December 7, 2009


Haha!! Another great contest to join.. Y? The prizes are simply bombastic!! Anyone interested? Well here are just of the simple steps to join:

Here's the SIMPLE steps...
1. Find your BEST FAMILY photo (must include at least one parent and one child, extended families welcome too)

2. Blog about it with the title "MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST" (other title will be disqualified)3. Mention about the contest in your blog with links back to this contest page.
4. Add our contest banner on your blog's sidebar/top page
5. Be MOBS follower on blogspot, tweeter and/or Facebook (either one or all)
6. Leave a comment HERE with blog link + email address (no email will be disqualified)

Contest link:

Fantastic ya??!!!

This is an amazing picture of my lovely family.. My sister Hana is behind the camera.. Y izzit fantastic!!?? All my family is here: from left lil brother Hazim, Hakim, my dad, my mom, me, my baby lil farissa and my husband bobby.. As you can see, my dad is half squatting saying that is the style during the 60's of taking a stylo pic!!! Very da old school ya.. So, I do think that it is a worth while choice to choose this picture.. haha enjoy!!! ~~~ psst choose me.. choose me.. hihihi ;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Dream Stove!!

Saje nak share that I dah beli dapur cum stove baru.. sgt puas ati plus ikut idaman hati.. :) huh.. Sejak dulu lg mmg meminati 'standalone stove'.. so in the end alhamdullilah dpt beli satu.. ahaks.. cun tak?? Jenama Rubine.. I definitely like it..

This is a matching hub..

and this is my lovely new cook.. huh.. solid no?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Congratulations Lala!

This is my highschool friend Ms. Lala.. Now.. aka. Mrs Ayie.. ekekeke.. Congratulations and I am truly happy that the both of you tied the knot at last!! Semoga.. berkekalan sehingga akhir hayat and cepat2 la dapat baby..

The stunning bride with her bright smile after majlis akad and selesai diijab kabulkan.. Lega ye lala.. :)

For org Johor, we have baccan ta'liq - I hope, I spelled it right.. Lala's father is reading his part as he let go his responsibility as Lala's protecter in replace with her new husband..

This is pakaikan mas kahwin ceremony.. I think serba berdiri.. I am not that arif about this part tho'

Me with the bride..

Half of the geng is here during the akad.. I tak dpt pi the nikah but I saw the pics!! Congrates again my dear.. (nape I nampak gemuk sgt ni??) haih...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shopping Again??!!

As usual when hubby is away for a very long time (1 week and above), I would paster him for gifts(naturally) ekeke.. Who wouldn't??... At least I know my efforts goes to no avail.. betul tak??

This time round, I ask a good budget of a few hundreds for Farissa outfits and a few hundred for mine.. hehehe.. <-- i liiiike... Nak fulfill janji he of course bawak I pi shopping.. Thanks babe... a whole lot.. Muahs.. Nanti i tak marah u nak outstation lama2 tau... "I promise" * ye lah tuh.. seminggu tade dah start meroyan..
Tada... ini collectionnya.. I love it..

Baby gap gorgeous..

Osh Kosh reject.. tp cantik in my eyes..

Baby poney..

I suke embroidery ni..

Pumpkin patch.. this is sale for 50% less!!
In the end for my self I got a bit of shopping spree in Summerset Bay bcoz of the sale.. Got my self 2 pairs of jeans!! The cutting is really nice for big bumpers like mine! :p

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spa Q?

Yeah.. Last week dpt call dr Auntie A yg duduk kat Shah Alam.. "Farah nak tak pi buat spa.. tp kat shah alam la.. 3.5 jam??" tanpe pikir panjang of course jawapan nye nak!!! please!! hahaha.. Sape nak kasik treat yg best for free ye tak?? kih kih kih.. I love u auntie.. time ni la nak love u kan..

Lagi pun selama 3 weeks i duduk babysit anak i kan.. turn laki i la kan.. kih kih.. nanti u all bacalah sesi Farissa ngan papa day out.. :) Pagi tuh i bgn superb awal utk buat house chores yg tak pernah abis plus make sure la farissa ada snacks kalo dia lapo biler bangun.. Appointment dah set kul 9am.. janji nak jumpe my cuz buat manicure dan pedicure kat spa yang same.. I pun tak pernah pegi so tak tau la kat mane..

Al-kisah... before ni Aunti pernah gaks la blanje spa tp never before spa yg agak exclusive.. So mari la sama2 enjoy dah pics.. details of the treatment ada kat link ini..

Nak daftar diri ada meja exclusive ni ya.. lobby yang dikelilingi ngan kolam ikan.. hehe..

Leh relax2 tunggu kat sini bg sesiapa bawak spouse.. duduk kat sini leh tertido sebab nyaman sgt..

Once u masuk pintu.. jeng jeng jeng..

Jambangan bunga yg cantik.. i like..

Kolam ikan.. kalo farissa tgk mesti suke.. huh.. attendings pun have their own uniform..

Meja solek.. kat sini sgt best.. sape pakai contacts pun disediakan tmpt letak contact lens!! They think of everything.. One room + one attending + ur own jakuzzi.. mmg exclusive sebab tak jumpe pun ngan org lain..

Mula2.. kene basuh kaki ye.. Aaaaaah.. lega..

Katil tmpt u diurut..

Luar sane is ur very own private toilet.. for 3 hours la.. hahaha... mmg outside under the sun.. dah la u tgh nude.. wakakaka..

This is the jacuzzi.. love it!! best nye kalo pasang kat umah..

Bila u telah pakaikan mask sluruh badan.. u kene la shower dulu.. sblum masuk jacuzzi..

The bed is surrounded by a small stream.. best giler the sound effects.. u will feel very relax..

Perhiasan di sblah katil.. it reminds me of the reason for all ladies to take care of their well being.. :)

Love this.. Fresh flowers everywhere!

Pass abis all the treatment.. they give u fruits to eat.. air tuh air serai <-- ingatkan straw puas sedut tp tak masuk.. wakakaka..... sedap.. :)


I tgh tunggu my cuz time ni.. rase cam nak tido jeks..
The treatment I amik includes:
  • Detoxification masage
  • Body masque
  • Body Wrap
  • Herbal Bath

"If you are reading this.. Thanks again Auntie!!"


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