Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shopping Again??!!

As usual when hubby is away for a very long time (1 week and above), I would paster him for gifts(naturally) ekeke.. Who wouldn't??... At least I know my efforts goes to no avail.. betul tak??

This time round, I ask a good budget of a few hundreds for Farissa outfits and a few hundred for mine.. hehehe.. <-- i liiiike... Nak fulfill janji he of course bawak I pi shopping.. Thanks babe... a whole lot.. Muahs.. Nanti i tak marah u nak outstation lama2 tau... "I promise" * ye lah tuh.. seminggu tade dah start meroyan..
Tada... ini collectionnya.. I love it..

Baby gap gorgeous..

Osh Kosh reject.. tp cantik in my eyes..

Baby poney..

I suke embroidery ni..

Pumpkin patch.. this is sale for 50% less!!
In the end for my self I got a bit of shopping spree in Summerset Bay bcoz of the sale.. Got my self 2 pairs of jeans!! The cutting is really nice for big bumpers like mine! :p

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