Monday, November 9, 2009

Congratulations Lala!

This is my highschool friend Ms. Lala.. Now.. aka. Mrs Ayie.. ekekeke.. Congratulations and I am truly happy that the both of you tied the knot at last!! Semoga.. berkekalan sehingga akhir hayat and cepat2 la dapat baby..

The stunning bride with her bright smile after majlis akad and selesai diijab kabulkan.. Lega ye lala.. :)

For org Johor, we have baccan ta'liq - I hope, I spelled it right.. Lala's father is reading his part as he let go his responsibility as Lala's protecter in replace with her new husband..

This is pakaikan mas kahwin ceremony.. I think serba berdiri.. I am not that arif about this part tho'

Me with the bride..

Half of the geng is here during the akad.. I tak dpt pi the nikah but I saw the pics!! Congrates again my dear.. (nape I nampak gemuk sgt ni??) haih...

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