Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thanks Honey.. Happy Anniversary

Sudah 10 tahun kite berkawan... ahaks...
Sudah 5 tahun kite berkahwin.... ahiks..
Thank you so much for everything my dear...
All the sweat, tears and hardwork we put through for this marriage...
Really means the world to me...
Love you lots!!!!!

Biler nk dpt diamond plaks... wakakaka!! Jgn marah ye.... :D *hugs*

Anniversary dinner @ Tony Romas... Mid Valley..

Si kenit yg buas kene tinggal kat rumah bersame2 achu dan mama ngah nye laa... hahaha...
kaco daun jeks nanti...


~hers.. mak aih.. Shy I...

Yg ni mmg recommend nk order.. sodap dan lazat skalik... :D
kicking shrimp yg mmg kick!

itu saje ya... sekian...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nairobi, My Breath Taking Experience!

It was a life changing experience being able to visit Nairobi, Kenya. The city, people and culture is so rich! Somehow, I felt that I was blessed given the experience and the chance to go there and meet people and share of what the smallest thing that I know here in Malaysia...

Semua best kecuali the 17 hours flight that I have to take nk sampai ke Afrika. I for one hate flying (kirenye balik Sarawak pun rase 2 jam yang hampeh).. Ni lg la berjam2 atas lautan... huhu.. I missed my busyuk badly too.. tp it was all worth it!! Alhamdullilah.. kembali ke Malaysia dlm 1 kerat lg.. hahaha...

This photo was taken at the Nairobi National Museum.. I do think the display was good tp kalo ada lg byk culture display lg cun la kot... kalo mcm museum negara kite pun best..
The entrance fee is about RM 28 but if you are a resident dlm 4 hinggit jeks.. :D

My main goal there is to teach the staff's of KEMU University of the Content Development procedures of what we have here in Multimedia University.. I love my participants there as they are so enthusiastic about learning (also for the fact that I bribe them with Bali souvenirs).. hahaha.. ;)
thanks bal for this crazy candid pic!

On the way back from work.. we stop by an italian restaurant which serves the best fruit tart ever! The fruits are fresh and the taste is exquisite! Takpe I dah cek dah.. no alcohol maa...

A glimpse of the Nairobi city.. Not so kampung rite?

Here is a picture of us (me and my boss.. hihi) at the Safari Walk, Nairobi.. they display the animals here just like in a zoo.. tp sebab the area is so huge! they are able to display it better with the nature feel!
The entrance fee is about usd: 20..
The only thing that I do feel that they have to change is the way the people here line up in lines... they really would cut the lines if they wanted too!

Here is a photo of the team that actually went there for the visit (6 of us including the camera man).. this is the David Sheldrik wildlife reserve for orphans elephants and rhinos.. Breath taking experience.. I think I touched the most elephant here than any other places I visited... really.. I would love to do this again man... huhu..

Who knows?? Lain kali ada lagi chance to go... ye tak??

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Renovation (1)

Utk my home sweet home renovation progress...
If you can see from the picture below, my old bathroom dah kene hack!
The space of the house becomes wider!! hehehe... and kat blakang tuh is my new wet kitchen...
I dah mintak contractor tutup so that pintu blakang tak nmpk la dari depan... tul tak??

Ok.. will post progress by progress later on!! Ciao!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bilik Store ke Ni?

Sebenarnye bukan bilik store... ni bekas library.. hahaha... tp terpakse ditutup dan dijadikan store sebab I simpan semua barang2 yg perlu dipindahkan ke rumah baru!! wakakaka.. cantik tak bilik ini? cantikkaaaaaan.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Sink

I had always dreamt to own a classic style kitchen... always.. always.. and always.. and alhamdullilah soon it will be true..
last week, I had spent quite some time in search for a perfect dainty kitchen sink... the criteria:
  1. white
  2. undermount
  3. classic looking
  4. small but deep (sebab dapur comels sgt)

The first shop I went to (Bright House) has a large range of kitchen apppliances.. BUT the price for the sink that I wanter was SO DAMN expensive (mmg tak bleh afford).. would cost me about RM 2300.. rejected ok! I am determine but not so crazy to spend that lot for a sink...

So, the next stop was the Houz Depot in Damansara... Cari punya carik.. but they only have the stainless steel range.. Kalo nk ikutkan hati.. nak jeks beli kat sini sebab tak nk pikir memanjang but hubby comfort me by offering to go in search at IKEA..

So, next pi ikea.. tak sempat masuk pun.. pak guard dah block the entrance.. IKEA is full!!. waaaaahhh (cry meh).. Unfortunately we were not able to even go to IKEA.. terasa sgt frust dan marah.. in the end.. i ckp ngan hubby.. nanti la kite carik..kite makan dulu and I suggested to have our early dinner kat Ayam Penyet AP in Puchong (near GIANT Puchong)...

Kebetulan!! GOD knows kot that I really wanted this.. a few blocks from the restaurant a kitchen and bath accessory shop was having clearance!!! wauweeee... mmg rezeki I, stop by, look around and found it!! The sink of my dreams.. wakakaka (sound crazy kan??).. Apa lg.. I bought it there and then.. it was within my budget and it screams to me!! So guys.. here it is!!

Image from
The material is granite and I chose white.. this have to be customade for my countertop.. winks~~

Image from
The beautiful sink in action.. :)
and here is the proof of purchase!!

yeay!!! alhamdullilah once again..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Little House

My house is FINALLY complete!! Alhamdullilah.. with a few glitches here and there.. tp tak byk ar... Akan tetapi my developer being shit and all.. kunci masih blum boleh diserahkan sepenuhnye sebab air dah letrik tak masuk pun lg....

So, owners kene telan air liur jeks la.. gulp 3x... Ramai owners dah start renovating their houses and I pun sudah memulakan langkah pertama utk mencarik contractor yg sesuai for renovation purposes.. nanti bab2 reno cite kemudian ya.. hihihi..

My overall concept of house deco is KIMORA.. "fabulousity".. hihi so pocket kene fabulous gaks la kan.. ;) I WISH!!! Big plans for renovation and will talk to u guys later about it... overall I could say mesti u suke i nye design.. hahahaha

It looks a bit gloomy tp sebab hujan kot.. so the floor is wet..

Totally hot kan?? Time ni semua rumah bersih suci.. tp i akan amik gambo latest with all the houses tgh direnovate.. jeng 3x

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Sis!

Had a small but happy event for my darling sister Farrhana Binti Shafik.. saje jeks lilin tak letak kalo x org tau dah tua.. haha..

Buat makan2 kat rumah just for the immediate family shj.. overall the birthday was simple but satisfying!!

Cake dia sgt sedap!! Beli kat Darren Bakery in Seri Kembangan.. Swiss Choc..

Myself ngan hubby kat blakang camera..
From left: Birthday girl (hana), farissa, azim, ayah and mama.. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goodbye Olympus, Hello Sony

Today, I want to pay a tribute to my beautiful Olympus 850~~ which has been in my family for a good 3 years!! We make good memmories together.. huh.. Capturing baby shots of Farissa and of her growing up!!

We're gonna miss u!!!!

Everyone meet Sony Alpha Nex 3 and Sony Alpha Nex 3 meet everyone!! heeee~~
Cantik tak??? :D

The feature is magnificent and it has almost all the features that I want for a camera!!

Body sgt solid!! Sleek and black...

It has twin lense.. one is great for zooming and the other sgt cantik for shooting closeup..

It also has a built in flash.. tp kalo tak nk pakai leh jeks tanggalkan..

The LCD can be move around for your easy viewing..
So amacam?? Hot tak camera baru I nih??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just feel to share some beautiful picture of my daughter Farissa.. :)

I just love this beautiful girl!

Her laughter!!

Really bring our family happinness!

Makes everything worthwhile..

Mama & Papa love you sooo much baby girl!! Muahs!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Open House Kak Aida

Yea2 pegi open house lagiiiiii..

mmg sronoks pi open2 house ni.. firstly sebab makan free.. ekekeke.. secondly dpt skodeng rumah org.. yelah.. kalo time2 biasa, mane ada pi rumah member *x slalu.. bukan x pernah :p*.. thirdly sebab dpt spend time with close frens.. *ini yg paling best..*

so, for farissa pun best gaks sebab dia dpt jumpe member2 dia...

dr kiri: anas, icha, farissa <-- paling posy skalik

Farissa dan anas... since small together.. hihi..

ecece.. malu lah tuh..

aaaaaaa.. mcm tuh ar.. hihihi..

huhu... memories... haih.. <-- farissa and anas..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raya Family BBQ / Birthday / Open House

Last week, KHAS (Keluarga Haji Abu Hassan dan Hjh Salmah) telah meng-organize a family BBQ / Birthday kat rumah Mak Long kat Nusa Subang. Almost everyone was there to enjoy the BBQ and have a nice time at the birthday party as well. To cut things short.. enjoy the pics!!

Farissa sibuk2 nk makan lollipop yg Nenma kasik.. Kalo I mmg tak suke sgt for Farissa mkn benda2 yg sugary nih..

This is my che' tik and my lovely chu.. sibuk berborak..

Kat luar ada macam2 juadah.. roti jala, soto, rendang, pulut kuning.. dan macam2 lg.. tak bleh nk masuk sume.. plus.. ada BBQ plaks lepas ni.. heh heh..

Farissa ngan her 2nd cuz Zahra.. <-- masih dgt lollipop.. Jgn terpedaya ye.. ni lollipop ke-2..

Lovely birthday girl - Fatin (Farissa's 2nd cuz also..)

From left: My cuz (Kak Nor) <- my best playmate mase kecik2 dulu.. Chu (my youngest auntie).. and lil young me.. hahaha..

haaaaa... after the event.. we went to my cuz Hanisah new house(in Bkt Jelutung).. very nice house.. corner lot some more.. shantik sgt!! ekeke..

Suke sgt the chandelier here..

Divider between dining room and living hall..

Another beautiful light fixture that I like..

and if you go out at the side of the house..

a nice BBQ pit sitting outside.. topping it out with a beautiful pergola.. I really like it a whole lot!!

Hamza... is hanisah's second lil boy.. sgt comel!!!

and his Anane.. :) Pastuh.. habis beraye.. we all pun balik..
Lgpun I have one exam paper the next day!! waaaaaa!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beraya Rumah Kengkawan

Tahun ni sibuk beraye kat JB.. :) So, alhamdullilah dpt singgah rumah family2 dan kawan2 yg kat Johor nun di sane..

Bukan slalu pun.. So, here are the pics!!

Farissa kalo ada sampai jeks kat umah sesiape.. tanpe segan silu mmg sibuk nk testing kuih2.. tp yg tak sedap (lepas dijilat..) hulur kat mama dia... sungguh tak menyelerakan..

Pak Apis.. ngan Pak Bob... sudah kekenyangan makan mee udang kat rumah kawan I cik Fai..

First class I tell you.. mmg setiap tahun kalo dtg pun mesti ada juadah yg best!! hehe.. bleh dtg lg tak gitew...

Ni pinggan i sudah licin..

Nape tgk Auntie semacam jeks Anas?? hihi.. auntie makan gelojoh ke?

Sebelum balik KL laks.. singgah kat umah ex-opismate i pn. fadh... ni gambo anak dara i ngan anak bujang nyer...

Pahim shy2 ngan Farissa...

Lastly gambo bersama.. Selamat Hari Raya!!


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