Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Raya Family BBQ / Birthday / Open House

Last week, KHAS (Keluarga Haji Abu Hassan dan Hjh Salmah) telah meng-organize a family BBQ / Birthday kat rumah Mak Long kat Nusa Subang. Almost everyone was there to enjoy the BBQ and have a nice time at the birthday party as well. To cut things short.. enjoy the pics!!

Farissa sibuk2 nk makan lollipop yg Nenma kasik.. Kalo I mmg tak suke sgt for Farissa mkn benda2 yg sugary nih..

This is my che' tik and my lovely chu.. sibuk berborak..

Kat luar ada macam2 juadah.. roti jala, soto, rendang, pulut kuning.. dan macam2 lg.. tak bleh nk masuk sume.. plus.. ada BBQ plaks lepas ni.. heh heh..

Farissa ngan her 2nd cuz Zahra.. <-- masih dgt lollipop.. Jgn terpedaya ye.. ni lollipop ke-2..

Lovely birthday girl - Fatin (Farissa's 2nd cuz also..)

From left: My cuz (Kak Nor) <- my best playmate mase kecik2 dulu.. Chu (my youngest auntie).. and lil young me.. hahaha..

haaaaa... after the event.. we went to my cuz Hanisah new house(in Bkt Jelutung).. very nice house.. corner lot some more.. shantik sgt!! ekeke..

Suke sgt the chandelier here..

Divider between dining room and living hall..

Another beautiful light fixture that I like..

and if you go out at the side of the house..

a nice BBQ pit sitting outside.. topping it out with a beautiful pergola.. I really like it a whole lot!!

Hamza... is hanisah's second lil boy.. sgt comel!!!

and his Anane.. :) Pastuh.. habis beraye.. we all pun balik..
Lgpun I have one exam paper the next day!! waaaaaa!!

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S said...

oh my i love the bbq pit! selamat hari raya farah! teruk btol i, dah nak abes raya baru nak wish :P


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