Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Starhill Golf Resort Berbuka Buffet

Sharing is caring rite! :) So, al-kisahnyer.. kami di Multimedia University ni dipaksa bercuti sehari sblum Merdeka.. What do we do? We make the best of it of course... hehe.. Always look at the positive point of view.. and me being positive sudah pasti nk balik JB!! triple heh heh heh...

Every year bulan ramadhan.. Me and my geng during form 5 in SIGS make a huge effort to gather and break fast together... *Love them dearly*.. So, this year I jd PM utk berkumpul in JB and I suggest that we have it at Starhill Golf Resort.. Price wise.. ok lah.. RM 40 per pax..

Why this picture la?

Biler lg nk tunjuk?? This is Farissa in her Grade A cute Guess outfit.. hahaha...

Taraaaa.... Adorable sgt *suke puji anak sendiri* :p

The view of the *what do they call it?* Driving range kot.. at the back..

Farissa on her grown up chair..

Beautiful chandelier on top of the restaurant..

Ooops.. time ni dah berbuke dah... Most of my friends is happily married *happy sigh*.. Apa yg sedap kat sini?
I am definitely a seafood lover so my fav dish is:
Chili crab with fried bun
Grilled prawn
Grilled pari
Sushi (all kinds)
This is handsome Aqeel.. last time I saw him, he was just 1 month old!! Has the cutest little smile ever!!

Darling Erryna.. yups with double Ls.. hehe..

From left: Oyen, Aqeel, Syahida, Aila, Nuraini, Farissa, Me, Lala, Tonyet, Yana, Erryna
This is us.. the whole bunch!! Love you girls so much!! C u guys time raye k.. insyallah..

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