Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Beriya my sista ajak I makan kat ala french bakery ni... bakery ni ada kat kwsn kl... exactly kat mane... google la sendiri ya.. ahaks...

Tak syoknyer kat sini.. bab parking la.. susah woo.. sekali nk parking kene 5 hinggit.. mahal kan??? Well... since ada org nk blanje and sblum kene berpantang.. bleh la enjoy2 make2 kat sini... *wink*

sinage yg ada feel2 french2.. I loooike very much..

haaa... this is the from of the restaurant..
lor... if you are reading this.. nanti we go k biler u balik mesia.. ;)
fai, nora, iza, k keh... u guys too k....
i pay la... hihihi..

haaa... kat dlm ni u kene pilih roti/pizza/cake/pastries yg u nk...
ada gaks menu2 cam spaghetti, lasagna, mushroom soup...

dlm kedai dia... mmg sentiasa penuh... cake diakan.. alahaii... comel2...

farissa plaks... habis menghentam benda ni... homemade crispy pizza...
pizza dia kosong.. except for the mushrooms..

let me tell u...
this toasted beef b******* <---can't recall... is superb!!!!

the price is not at all out of the ordinary...
bleh la.. like you had lunch say kat secret recipe..
and it really depends ape yg u order..








the lovely author...
me :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's such a long story. But to cut short, its NOT good news.

I am diagnose with ectopic pregnancy (mengandung luar rahim) last week. I had abnormal bleeding for a bout a week with severe upper abdominal pain for about a week also.. huhu..

Somehow, biler doctor check.. I am pregnant but baby cannot be seen through ultra sound. Which means there is no baby in the womb.. huhu..

Fyi, I am still pregnant (about 7 weeks).. tp hati terasa sgt berat bcoz I had to undergo surgery next week to remove the pregnancy... Ape2 pun.. I take this as one of my dugaan from GOD and I will hope to have a speedy recovery, insyallah another baby in the future... :D

Just some images taken by Mr. Bob when I was admitted last week.. :)

Pray for me k ladies...

Farissa doing her homework <-- yes, her SRK homework includes colouring in every page..

wat bout this?? hospital gown kat spital ni tak 'HOT'..

Farissa and papa blasah Starbucks.. for dinner.. wish I could join them at this time.. huhu..
kene pose k...

pose darling!!!

I am grateful that I have this little one near me...
A husband that really loves me..
I am thankful to have my mom, dad, sis and brother who cares..
family members who support me..
friends who are always there for me and give me calls and well wishes..
Office mates that delegates when I am not in the office..

Thank you Allah.. Thanks 3x... Alhamdullilah...
A comfort at this time..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My DIY - His Weekend

Hello darls...

Tajuk entry ni hebat bukan.. Well... what can I say... hehehe... Anyway, I had been dreaming for this DIY for weeks... yelah.. any DIY will need some sort of $$$.. hihi.. So, apparently JUSCO is having one of their monthly sales and I successfully found frames which is cheap and quality enuf to stuck on my the new flight of staircase wall <-- aik betul ke ni.. hahaha...

small frames cost me about rm 5.. and da big ones 8R cost about rm 20.. da total??? rm 105.. Well I thought it was ok!! :D

So, here goes.. Months ago I came across this helpful website: and I was really intrigue with all the DIY projects that they are doing.. and one of it is this wall of frames..

Step 1

Budget the area or the coordination of the frames..
haa... this is my task.. arranging~~
Looks good enuf from here!!

How about from this view??
Still good enuf!!

Step 2

Haaa... My faithful handyman.. aka Mr. Bob...
Kewl rite.. I got myself my personal handyman..
just like in Astro LI... hik hik

Step 3

Tada!!!! Take a step back and admire.. :)
For now.. my house is filled with photos of other people from the other side of the world..
hik hik..
I will give you guys an update once...
the family photo is in!!! :)

my new wall of memmories~~~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reveal - Living Room

Salam Ladies..

I believe that it’s about time that I reveal my hard earn vision and dream of a home sweet home – living room.. Truly 2x, I am quite excited about this reveal as I did not have the time to actually write bout it before... Close friends mmg for sure dah tau that I really put in a lot of thought and planning this new home of mine... betul tak kengkawan?

So, without further a do... Tadaaaaaa!! Shantik taaaak?? Hihi... aaaaaah kalo tak cantik pun tape... yg penting I feel truly good bout it... for my living, tade satu pun I rase pilihan I salah... semua on da dot!! :)

Let’s start of with da sofa... this good deal of a sofa I did purchase for quite a number of months before I move... haha.. tu yang rumah sewa lama sempit semacam... Anyways, this is a good choice because:

  1. It’s branded though cheap sebab beli time clearance.
  2. The sofa covers can be machine wash... wow factor rite?? Especially those moms yg tgk jeks terus kate... ni tak lame ni kotor la.....
  3. Excellent time to pre train your kids that sofa is no place to have their dinner on (yeah rite...).. kadang2 bapak budak lg teruk.. hik hik...

Awww... Kids that come to my house really love this cute little tods sofa.. This one I purchase time fella design warehouse sale as well.. truly good bargain as it is so solid.. kadang2 I yg duduk kat sini.. tegap tau...

Just look at this baby design... :D swirly and flowery... huuuhh... so me!! Well, if you think that this is waste of money.. simply don’t by it.. betul tak??.. don’t judge me though baby.. A plus point.. it can be use as leg rest too.. hihihi...

First time I saw this ottoman.. terus I beli.. sebab my curtain is stripe pattern as well and this could go well together... the price as usual murah sebab I beli time clearance.. yeah blame me as a clearance maniac but when I shop, I do it with bargains in mind and pocket.. ;)

Anyway, I read somewhere that if you want a country design inspired home then you should have an ottoman instead of a coffee table... So, I got one!! But nobody put their coffee on this yeah.... ßadik if you reading this.. paham 2x.. ehem ehem...

Move on!! The beautiful “Datin Carpet” as a good friend of mine referred it as to... haha!! Believe me.. the price is right on.. If you guys look closely.. this is gold thread embroidered.. It was hanged really gorgeously at Macy’s... and 20% of... So, I thought what da heck.. masuk jeks dlm troly...

Hey guys... please do NOT think that I beli semua ni serentak... My style, I purchase bit by bit.. with colour theme ALWAYS in mind... duit I simpan sket2 setiap bulan... I beli setahun sebelum I pindah masuk rumah... tak percaya?? Percayalah~~~

Huh.... What is this?? Well, this is the ONLY item that I did not choose for the living room.. Mr. Bob chose this unique copper curtain hook.. Pandainye dia... I don’t actually love it at first sight.. but I think that it really does grow on me... Looks country meets rustic rite... Gorge baby!!!

Close-up of the day curtain... Some of you may think that its heavily embroidered.. It is... and I kind liked heavy flowery stuff... its just me k... the more flowers the better... haha.. bukan semua pattern ya.. J This one has to be hand washed ONLY.. huhu... saje jeks nk menyusahkan diri.. but now ada dobi.. so kalo malas.. hantarla dobi saje.. ya tak??

I told the girls at the office that Bob thinks my “chandy” is a junk that nobody wants... Somehow, I feel really happy just looking at it... Its just too plain beautiful.. Look at the color, it really have a greenish almost whitish frame with black almost classic old look... The glass is icy which makes it more classy.. haha... This baby only cost me bout RM300.....

So, there it is ladies.. An angle towards the entrance of the house... I will definitely talk bout that later on... insyallah... “The Entryway”, not yet 100% complete...

This shot is an overall look at the living... All into place.. Although, there are 2 wish list items to buy for the living room:

  1. Purchase a Smart Looking remote control fan (Yes, in exchange of the chandelier.. I have to sacrifice my ceiling fan), black...
  2. Buy a matching TV cabinet as the Shoe Cabinet at the entryway...
  3. Well, if there is any updates on both of this items, I will surely posted k.. Thanks for reading!!!



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