Thursday, June 9, 2011

My DIY - His Weekend

Hello darls...

Tajuk entry ni hebat bukan.. Well... what can I say... hehehe... Anyway, I had been dreaming for this DIY for weeks... yelah.. any DIY will need some sort of $$$.. hihi.. So, apparently JUSCO is having one of their monthly sales and I successfully found frames which is cheap and quality enuf to stuck on my the new flight of staircase wall <-- aik betul ke ni.. hahaha...

small frames cost me about rm 5.. and da big ones 8R cost about rm 20.. da total??? rm 105.. Well I thought it was ok!! :D

So, here goes.. Months ago I came across this helpful website: and I was really intrigue with all the DIY projects that they are doing.. and one of it is this wall of frames..

Step 1

Budget the area or the coordination of the frames..
haa... this is my task.. arranging~~
Looks good enuf from here!!

How about from this view??
Still good enuf!!

Step 2

Haaa... My faithful handyman.. aka Mr. Bob...
Kewl rite.. I got myself my personal handyman..
just like in Astro LI... hik hik

Step 3

Tada!!!! Take a step back and admire.. :)
For now.. my house is filled with photos of other people from the other side of the world..
hik hik..
I will give you guys an update once...
the family photo is in!!! :)

my new wall of memmories~~~


Iela Fazielah said...

farah....serius...cantik giler.. ilaa suka dgn frame2 tu...nnt ai tiru idea u ni yea.... boleh kan>>>hehe...

Nuha Ariana said...

lawanyer...suke design frame & jam dinding tuh...


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