Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Goodbye Olympus, Hello Sony

Today, I want to pay a tribute to my beautiful Olympus 850~~ which has been in my family for a good 3 years!! We make good memmories together.. huh.. Capturing baby shots of Farissa and of her growing up!!

We're gonna miss u!!!!

Everyone meet Sony Alpha Nex 3 and Sony Alpha Nex 3 meet everyone!! heeee~~
Cantik tak??? :D

The feature is magnificent and it has almost all the features that I want for a camera!!

Body sgt solid!! Sleek and black...

It has twin lense.. one is great for zooming and the other sgt cantik for shooting closeup..

It also has a built in flash.. tp kalo tak nk pakai leh jeks tanggalkan..

The LCD can be move around for your easy viewing..
So amacam?? Hot tak camera baru I nih??


Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

i pun tringin nak satu :-)

Nadra Farissa said...

hihi.. leh try beli satu.. ;) shoot gambo Dania yg comel itu..

Iela Fazielah said...

sgt2 hot ok!!!!!


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