Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Sink

I had always dreamt to own a classic style kitchen... always.. always.. and always.. and alhamdullilah soon it will be true..
last week, I had spent quite some time in search for a perfect dainty kitchen sink... the criteria:
  1. white
  2. undermount
  3. classic looking
  4. small but deep (sebab dapur comels sgt)

The first shop I went to (Bright House) has a large range of kitchen apppliances.. BUT the price for the sink that I wanter was SO DAMN expensive (mmg tak bleh afford).. would cost me about RM 2300.. rejected ok! I am determine but not so crazy to spend that lot for a sink...

So, the next stop was the Houz Depot in Damansara... Cari punya carik.. but they only have the stainless steel range.. Kalo nk ikutkan hati.. nak jeks beli kat sini sebab tak nk pikir memanjang but hubby comfort me by offering to go in search at IKEA..

So, next pi ikea.. tak sempat masuk pun.. pak guard dah block the entrance.. IKEA is full!!. waaaaahhh (cry meh).. Unfortunately we were not able to even go to IKEA.. terasa sgt frust dan marah.. in the end.. i ckp ngan hubby.. nanti la kite carik..kite makan dulu and I suggested to have our early dinner kat Ayam Penyet AP in Puchong (near GIANT Puchong)...

Kebetulan!! GOD knows kot that I really wanted this.. a few blocks from the restaurant a kitchen and bath accessory shop was having clearance!!! wauweeee... mmg rezeki I, stop by, look around and found it!! The sink of my dreams.. wakakaka (sound crazy kan??).. Apa lg.. I bought it there and then.. it was within my budget and it screams to me!! So guys.. here it is!!

Image from
The material is granite and I chose white.. this have to be customade for my countertop.. winks~~

Image from
The beautiful sink in action.. :)
and here is the proof of purchase!!

yeay!!! alhamdullilah once again..


Iela Fazielah said...

wow wee.... sinki granite tuuuu... cantik la...

Nadra Farissa said...

cantikkan??? hihihi


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