Monday, December 20, 2010

Nairobi, My Breath Taking Experience!

It was a life changing experience being able to visit Nairobi, Kenya. The city, people and culture is so rich! Somehow, I felt that I was blessed given the experience and the chance to go there and meet people and share of what the smallest thing that I know here in Malaysia...

Semua best kecuali the 17 hours flight that I have to take nk sampai ke Afrika. I for one hate flying (kirenye balik Sarawak pun rase 2 jam yang hampeh).. Ni lg la berjam2 atas lautan... huhu.. I missed my busyuk badly too.. tp it was all worth it!! Alhamdullilah.. kembali ke Malaysia dlm 1 kerat lg.. hahaha...

This photo was taken at the Nairobi National Museum.. I do think the display was good tp kalo ada lg byk culture display lg cun la kot... kalo mcm museum negara kite pun best..
The entrance fee is about RM 28 but if you are a resident dlm 4 hinggit jeks.. :D

My main goal there is to teach the staff's of KEMU University of the Content Development procedures of what we have here in Multimedia University.. I love my participants there as they are so enthusiastic about learning (also for the fact that I bribe them with Bali souvenirs).. hahaha.. ;)
thanks bal for this crazy candid pic!

On the way back from work.. we stop by an italian restaurant which serves the best fruit tart ever! The fruits are fresh and the taste is exquisite! Takpe I dah cek dah.. no alcohol maa...

A glimpse of the Nairobi city.. Not so kampung rite?

Here is a picture of us (me and my boss.. hihi) at the Safari Walk, Nairobi.. they display the animals here just like in a zoo.. tp sebab the area is so huge! they are able to display it better with the nature feel!
The entrance fee is about usd: 20..
The only thing that I do feel that they have to change is the way the people here line up in lines... they really would cut the lines if they wanted too!

Here is a photo of the team that actually went there for the visit (6 of us including the camera man).. this is the David Sheldrik wildlife reserve for orphans elephants and rhinos.. Breath taking experience.. I think I touched the most elephant here than any other places I visited... really.. I would love to do this again man... huhu..

Who knows?? Lain kali ada lagi chance to go... ye tak??


Nuha Ariana said... nairobi nye berjalan..

Iela Fazielah said...

wah.. bertuah dpt jln2 jauh2...

Nadra Farissa said...

best! it was a great experience for me... :) bekerja sambil berjln.. susah nk dpt peluang camni lg.. betul tak?


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