Monday, December 21, 2009

Fun day out!!

Last weekend.. I ajak bobby keluar jejalan hik hik.. fikir punya fikir.. lastly end up in Sunway Pyramid.. I ask bobby to skip our breakfast in hopes in getting breakfast + lunch there..
Kononnye nak makan bento tp tak bukak lg restoren tuh.. so makan kat 'Popeye'..
Something new.. but not bad.. Jom tgk some of the pics taken.. Enjoy!!

The mash patato is better than KFCs..

The set consist of fried chicken and seafood..

strawberry cake for dessert..

say cheese..

now, there is even a small theme park inside the shopping complex.. each ride is RM3.. for a little girl whom is scared of fish.. farissa loves rides!!

Jerky train..

flying clown faces?!

Farissa's and her new little mermaid building blocks..

On Sunday.. Alamanda we went!! and chicken rice shop we dine <-- bobby mmg suke makan kat sini..

My little rock star.. rambut pas kene potong ngan mama.. ahaks..

Some of the items that I shopped!!

MPH has YES!! So, I bought a book which I found fascinating..
*Note - I just love to know other people lives throught the continent of the world.. this book is written of a life in Africa..

haa.. if you renew your jusco membership now.. you will get a free teddy...

Poney lil jeans.. cute huh??!!

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