Monday, December 7, 2009


Haha!! Another great contest to join.. Y? The prizes are simply bombastic!! Anyone interested? Well here are just of the simple steps to join:

Here's the SIMPLE steps...
1. Find your BEST FAMILY photo (must include at least one parent and one child, extended families welcome too)

2. Blog about it with the title "MOBS END OF YEAR CONTEST" (other title will be disqualified)3. Mention about the contest in your blog with links back to this contest page.
4. Add our contest banner on your blog's sidebar/top page
5. Be MOBS follower on blogspot, tweeter and/or Facebook (either one or all)
6. Leave a comment HERE with blog link + email address (no email will be disqualified)

Contest link:

Fantastic ya??!!!

This is an amazing picture of my lovely family.. My sister Hana is behind the camera.. Y izzit fantastic!!?? All my family is here: from left lil brother Hazim, Hakim, my dad, my mom, me, my baby lil farissa and my husband bobby.. As you can see, my dad is half squatting saying that is the style during the 60's of taking a stylo pic!!! Very da old school ya.. So, I do think that it is a worth while choice to choose this picture.. haha enjoy!!! ~~~ psst choose me.. choose me.. hihihi ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your entry :)
Sha dah chk... semua ckp syarat.

:) Sha of MOBS

Asmahani said...

gudluck! nice family pic!

Anonymous said...

salam perkenalan

and all the best!

Nadra Farissa said...

thank you!! hehe...

Noris said...

Your family sure looks happy..

Nadra Farissa said...

haha.. we do rite.. :)


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