Monday, December 21, 2009

Lady In Red Giveaway

I think this giveaway comes at the right time.. Sempena my wedding anniversary for the 4th year, I nak join this contest!! A pic of me right here.. when I married and I was the 'Lady In Red'.. So, I am wishing the sponsors good luck and hope they have a bombastic wedding!! Congrats you guys!!

Anyone interested? Enter here!

I am so blessed and so happy that day to be with the one I love! :P Jiwang seh.. ekeke..

1. Buat entry bertajuk Lady In Red Giveaway done
2. Buat entry Pasal Giveaway nie and upload gamba yg nk dipertandingkan. Cuma 1 gamba jer taw... done
3. Be my Follower . nie wajib , senang kalau ade ape2 update .. and jgn lupa add me dalam bloglist anda done
4 . Letakkan banner kat entry ngan side bar berserta linknya sekali done
5. Jangan lupa Mention about the contest in your entry with links back to this entryrase senang je kot giveaway nie... done
Contest bermula hari nie sehingga 9 January 2010 , esoknya 10 Jan 2010, keputusan akan diumumkan...


firahadifa said...

ok.. da review... good luck!

Jard The Great said...

ehehe.. merah woo


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