Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Holiday!! 2010!!

hehe.. today i am going to list out some things that makes me absolutely happy this weekend:hurray!!

1. I had received my brand new 'Pinky DELL laptop'.. courtesy of ayah and my hubby.. with a catch of course.. I sambung belajar.. with a help of a friend everything I need is installed.. thank you all... Bawak pi Mc D and a felt a twig of heppiness truout my surfing time there.. note to self "Kene pegi lagik.. hihi".. yep no WIFI at home huhu..

2. I've gone curtain shopping for my new little crib.. absolutely happy with my purchase..*wink* will update pictures soon.. hehe.. 1 for my living (2 layer) *love love love... (to my despair bob fell asleep at MACY couch while I make my choice.. huhu) All the good ones SOLD OUT!! damn... decided my budget shrink tremendously.. so after a quick lunch we went to KAMDAR and bought curtains for my dotter new bedroom and my own bedroom...which is much cheaper..cheaper.. cheaper.. hihi..

3. I've achieve 2 new baby diaper cakes all ready to be purchased.. you may want to visit here to see them.. :)

Click on the image to visit my Online Shop!! :)

4. Gone to IKEA and do more shopping!! New cupboard "BILLY" for my little cakes.. displayed and beautiful.. heeepiii and I bought more organisers for my vanity affairs.. if you can see my changing table do look kinda different (or to dlm kepala I jeks..)

Pandangan tepi..

Pandangan depan..

Organizer for my vanity table.. :p

5. Last and not least.. I've got to clean my house.. hihi.. banyak rambut... kalo setiap minggu vakum pun tetap byk giler rambut.. tp bonusnye.. hana and hazim bawak farissa keluar and I got to clean the house dgn tenteram.. huh.. bestnye.. tade jeritan mane2 pihak.. kih kih kih..
ok ok thats all for now.. zasssisss...


me said...

farah comelnya cake display! happy new year twentyten to you ;)

oh btw is that dell inspiron? yang mini tu ke yang regular? i'm thinking of buying mini, sebab i guna mac, tapi i nak ada option guna windows jugak sometimes. so far best tak guna dell tu?

Nadra Farissa said...

sudah pasti best!! i beli yang 14' inspiron.. y?? sebab i kene gune application like flash time i study.. dah la rabun kalo nak pakai mini ekeke..

kalo u pakai mini.. mmg cun!! pastuh beli red ke.. :D siap leh masuk handbag per.. very handy for u to bring around.. kalo mini ada windowns 7 mmg berbaloi u beli.. :)


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