Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Home Deco Purchase

Most of my closest friends know that I am just crazy in love going to warehouse sales.. Well last week, Fella design was having just that.. incredible warehouse sales that will turns your pocket around.. haha.. So just to show some incredible find, enjoy the pics that I had taken!!

This is a beautiful magnificent mirror.. Plan to hang this in my new dining area.. It is large and very da victorian style ya..

Look at the price!! Jgn tertipu ya.. Cermin hanya berharge RM 280 jeks.. haha.. bestkan.. beso tapi very affordable..

Just look at the detailing of the mirron.. Sukanya tgk ukiran2 kat tepi frame dia..
Oh.. btw, the frame got some chips at the end.. tp nanti i akan buat diy tampalan frame.. tunggu..

Got this couch as well for the little missy here.. About RM 160.. good quality.. org beso pun leh duduk kat atas ni.. :)

Oh.. how i love flowers.. yang ni I beli kat Lovely Lace :) with 20% discount.. I can't wait to put all this together in my new home nanti.. huh.. bila la nak siap..


me said...

i almost can imagine how it's gonna look like altogether in your new house! very chic english. mirror tu what a bargain!

Iela Fazielah said...

wah byk nyer u dah borong brg utk rmh....


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