Monday, March 15, 2010

Turning 2* ... Happy Birthday to Me!! :D

Today is my birthday... :) 16th March..

So, last weekend my dad blanje the whole family in honor of myself turning 2* years old.. ekeke..
Bukan tak nak bgtau but dah 3 tahun berturut2 i tak tukar tahun hari lahir.. LOL...

Anyways, he treat us at TGI in Sunway last Sunday.. mama tade sebab sibuk ke MATTA fair.. so this is some of the capture momments.. :)

Mr darling hubby a.k.a Mr. Bob..
My lil bro and ayah..

my sis & my other lil bro..

my dotter of all traits..

waiting for the food.. after done with shopping.. haha..

smile everyone..

hana giving us a peace here..

Farissa dah bosan tunggu...

ice lemon tea for me..

orange juice..

chocolate milk shake for the lil one..

This plate is for Hana.. Adobo chicken.. yummy..
She is a chickerian.. no beef policy.. haa haa..

This is mine.. steak and all steak..
my diet gone up in the air for this.. takpe la ...
kids eat for free..
Farissa is having chicken sticks and fries...
this one no vegetable policy.. *sigh*
Thanks ayah for the lovely lunch!!! Muahs..


Nuha Ariana said...
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Nuha Ariana said...

sedapnya makanan...nyum2x...nak wish happy birthday yg ke 27!..hehe..pecah rahsia..wakaka...

me said...

happy birthday farah! i'm still 2* hahaha jgn jealous :P steak look yummy!

Nadra Farissa said...

nak jeles gaks!!!! hihi.. tp steak dr victoria station is still the best!!


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