Monday, September 19, 2011

Leaking!! Paragon 202 Part 1

Many have you had witness my kitchen makeover. Now, let have a bit of discussion on some of my house defects!! Haa... if you want to know, just after 6 months, more and more leakage appear!! huhuhu....

Nak tak nak.. terpakse la spend a bit of money to properly sealed all the leakage from the master bedroom... :( Nak tgk?? Jom kite tgk kebocoran yg berlambak2...

Bencinya!! Siap ada gelembung2 kat ceiling~~

Haaa.... nampak tak tanda warna biru2.. if you want to know.. thats from my jamban!!! Aiyooooo!!!!

1 comment:

Iela Fazielah said...

adus...tensennyer kalau jd kat rmh ila.... report je kat paragon sambil marah2..... most of rmh kita kena


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