Monday, October 17, 2011

Reading Nook for Kids!

Its been 2 weeks of planning and designing a functional office, a library plus a comfy ready nook for Farissa. Yippie!! I am so excited for this new distraction :)... I think its fun to find small2 projects to do around the house.. Improvements are always better to do one at a time.. Lgpun rabak la poket kalo buat semua sekali gus... These are just some of the photos to iron out amazing ideas from my creative head... hehehe...

If I do have this kind of space kan best... tp we have to work with what we have (a room without windows) and limited space.. I like the white concept of the room with all the pastels colours surrounds it.. I don't think Farissa will be getting the table and chairs though... tarak space...

Another concept that I like is the front facing book rack next to the girl... hmmm its appealing reachable.. Plus you could always rearrange the new arrivals there.. :)

A comfy little sofa!! Checked!! Mmg dah ada.. tinggal nk letak something on top of it so that it will be in the same theme as the room... A must have comfy cushion and a reading light..

Ahaaaaa... so this is call a nook ya papa... somewhere cozy, in a corner.. I wish Farissa was this diligent in reading (as I was as a kid).. We had a huge collection of Mr Pink Whistle <-- a must google and Enid Blyton collection.. Satu hari nanti harap2 Farissa pun nk byk this kinds of books.. Language improvement k..

OoOOoOOOoo.. Whimsical kan!!!! Tunggu la I jadi millionaire ke.. eekke.. this room will be yours baby!!!!

So, stay tune k.. Next!! Progress will come up!!! :D

1 comment:

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

wahhh sila sila..! tunggu next update nih!
me pun selalu berangan nak wat benda yg sama.. cuma tak cukup bilik kat umah ni utk di korbankan uhuhuhuhu


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