Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Friends

I think this write up is made especially for good friends..
Good friends that will always be there for you.. No matter what..
I've been blessed by ALLAH with so many of these friends..
I am thankful that I met them here where I could end up in so many other places..
GOD brought me here to meet all of them..
So, I am thankful *Alhamdullilah*

Last nite, I could not sleep.. I was thinking of a choice in life.. or what I really want in life..
I don't really know.. How to choose.. Everything is with pros and cons..
So, I end up writing a short message to a friend in hopes that she could give a good advice and for me to finally fall asleep..

This morning.. I got a reply from her:

"I guess the answer depends on your dream.
Some people dream of better fortune and career. It is true that you will be leaving good friends and you'll have shorter time with your child, but call it as 'let go cost'.

Something you will need to let go in order to furnish/fulfill/achieve your dream. My only question will be are you willing? If you feel you can deal with the 'let go cost' and take a chance for a better career that I suggest you go for it!

Leaving good friends do not mean losing them. Good friends will always be with you dear no matter how or whatever the situation. Personally, yes, I will miss you so much. Huhu. Like I said earlier, great friendship never ends. Somehow, if you are afraid leaving your good friends, it doesn't mean that they will stay here forever. If they get better opportunity, they will leave eventually. So, follow your instinct and dream. :) "

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me said...

hi farah

that's a good one



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