Monday, July 25, 2011

My Bedroom My Sanctuary~~

The master bedroom is the most intimate rooms in a home... for me it is the outmost importance that the master bedroom outshines any other bedrooms (within a home).. it must have the most comfortable sheets, comforters, pillows.... it should have additional furniture that’ll give boost to the coziness of the room itself.

My opinion is that stick to what you like, if you think half of anything – do not place it in the master bedroom. I try my best not to stick television or work station in the master because these elements are NOT meant to be in a room where you rest, sleep and snuggle up with your partners. These things are distraction, however, that is just my opinion. My parents have both a workstation and a 40 inch LCD and they seem to love it so what the heck?

New books that are always within reach... I LOVE english non-fiction collection :)

Especially those that Oprah book club suggested / discussed!

In terms of clutter, I think it is best to have closed up storage. You can be messy but hidden messy. :D I also believe that you should have individual aspects within a room to give it spice. Add in a mirror, portrait, family photos or flowers (better to have fresh flowers rather then artificial)..

I love colours, it gives a certain ummph. I love pattern as well, so as you can see the curtains, lamp shades, comforters and cushions are pattern. But I am also aware that too much of these is a NO NO! I make sure that if the comforters are printed then the sheets are not and the pillow cases are not. If the cushions are printed then the seater/sofa are not. You get my point right?

So, that’s it... A slice of my thought.... If you would like to add anything or place comments, you are absolutely welcome to do so...

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