Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dapur Kecil Ku~~

Hey ladies!! Wat’s up? Well, here are the pics of my kitchen!! Yup.. finally I know...
Actually, I had planned to upload my pics last month but as u girls know, I am on a long leave and was recuperating in my mom’s home in JB. Why? See here. When I came back to KL, I decided to re-design the kitchen and improve the previous layout. I believe know one (even my mom) saw this version of my kitchen yet.

Let’s take a tour in my small but charming kitchen. As you can see, I have an open concept kitchen. You can see my kitchen when u first enters the house. Some people may not like this concept (need constant cleaning and organizing). My dry kitchen and laundry station are within the same area. I have an entertainment station (mainly it is my radio, I love listen to music while I cook). A small peninsular, perfect for putting up buffet. This breakfast peninsular works as a divider between the dining and the kitchen. We don’t have breakfast here, as we need stools for that. Everyone eats in the dining area.

The laundry station is a new addition. The white wall cabinet can be purchase from IKEA, a total cost of RM 285.
I love flowers, especially those from SSF. So the tulips were purchased from SSF for RM 40. You can also purchase a wide variety of canvas painting. This one cost only RM 20, purchased from ROMANTIKA, Malacca during one of my vacation there.

Frames could easily use to upgrade or to fill up empty walls but not necessarily burst your pockets. These frames were purchase for only RM 3.90 each from D.I.Y shop. My plan was to insert recent photos of my lil one so each time when I am doing the laundry; I could look at her and remember my life blessings.

Some of u may even wonder what has come of my fridge from previous entry. Well, here it is!!
Looking nice beside my little oven. Above the combination oven is a device with 3 small fans, to cool of the oven should I plan to bake with it. Circulation of air is important so that the oven does not burn down the cabinet.

Let’s move to the wet kitchen. The blue tiles move throughout the whole kitchen. I just love them as it is really sparkly. Hihi.
I have always wanted a standalone stove, so here it is. Mr. Bob had upgraded the stove to Electrolux (which I am not sure how much the total cost). Previous stove was Rubine, you can read here. It comes with a glass top so that you can protect your tiles with the grease or sambal tumis. ;)
The plate above the hood was purchased in Kenya, Africa, during one of my teaching assignment there. Beside the stove is the stainless steel divider between the fridge and hot stove

The gas is covered in the cabinet.
You can purchase this small rug at IKEA for RM 35.90 and the uniquely design cloth at SSF.

Here is the sink in action!! Wuuhuuu!! However, I would not recommend you to buy a white sink (especially for asian cooks). Rosaaaaak!!! Hehehe.. No lah.. but you really need to constantly clean it. Having Mr. Muscle really helps me.. ;)

Oh yes. Lastly, this small but useful island. I have future plan to place a bigger island with stools. Definitely will update, all of you ladies later.
So, what do you think of my kitchen? I love it and I hope that you love it too...


irmafittaputri said...

kak...i loikeeeeeeeeeee...ini lah entry yg kite tgu2, bile la nak tunjuk sink putih die...matchin ke ngn prof. cook range tu...ngn peti ais baru tu...walawei...terbaek laa..sapa kata kecik...comella tu

Nuha Ariana said...

i like.... canteknyer... :)

Iela Fazielah said...

farah..sgt2 cantik... tenang mata memandang... paling best ada wonder xpernh nampak kain tersedai... senang kerja

Nadra Farissa said...

thanks mommies... more improvement to come so stay tune..

ilah: mmg senang~~ especially kalo ada baby save time nk sidai baju..

Ria said...

I am sooo in love with your home. It is very cozy. Alovely place to hang out and entertain guests :) Am already a follower.

Nadra Farissa said...

Thanks ria... will add in ur blog as my favorite as well!!

Liz said...

OMG I have not read your blog for so long. Love the kitchen! I told you before how I love the blue turquoise tinge right? Sorry to hear about your recent surgery. Take care!


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