Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping Scandalous

Did you know that Somerset Bay is having sale?? That's rite.. :D

I think all of their shops are having sale from 10% on all normal price items until 70% from their last collection!!!
I went to Sunway Pyramid and bought myself 2 beautiful embroided blouses that cost rm 89.90 each!! Summer blue and maroon.. *wink* *wink* Makes me feel good even when I'm telling about it.. huh.. The shopping sale dateline is on the 1st November 2009..

Plus, on Sunday I had to stop by their shop in Alamanda and bought a grey long cardigan for 10% off.. and 2 beautiful necklace for 80% off!! Yups.. all of the accessories are 80% off.. Isn't that a good deal..

So, all my lovely ladies friends.. Do drop by Somerset Bay and buy something sinful for yourself... haha..

English Rose Collection in Metrojaya.. :) Gorgeous ain't it..

1 comment:

me said...

i pegi shopping kat mj gak tapi dah beli barang rumah banyak sangat (forever la kan) pastu terus lupa pasal baju2 ni semua hahaha tahpape i ni


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