Monday, March 14, 2011

Anna and Iza Baby Shower

I've always wanted to plan a beautiful baby shower *sigh*.. anything goes with babies are all sugar and spice with everything nice right.. :) So, I did get a chance to plan a baby shower with 2 good friends of mine... hurray!! But, somehow Iza did not turn up since her baby check up did not come up so well. *pray that she will be better really soon*...

I did not do this baby shower by myself.. I had the whole geng to pitch in here and there and lastly are able to create something really memorable and beautiful.. Enjoy the pics!!

Haaaa... this is handmade by myself k... :) really happy with the outcome with cute touches of baby safety pin.. classic ain't it??

Chocolate cheesecake anyone? these are baked with absolute love... Kak Ena.. thanks!! Anyone wants her contact? Let me know.. ;)

Hot preparation going on.. Since, this is a last minite deal.. we got a lot of things instant.. :) Just look at the stacked polistrene of chicken rice.. courtesy of everyone's pocket.. hahaha

I had some presents prepared for the games that we are going to have... smoking hot bags.. for everyday use..

pink glasses are laid properly on a silver tray (a wedding gift which I had never got a chance to use..)haha..

I had also brough a few of Farissa's rompers to decorate the room.. :) Miss that baby!!!

Ahaaaa!!! The mummy's here... we gave her the proper award that she deserves!

The first game was to draw a baby on a piece of paper while the geng are blindfolded!! yikes!!!

goooshhh.. hahahhaa one two three draw!!

The whole geng.. :) They were the ones that make this small event happen.. awww.. thanks guys.. :)

The photographer... muah!!! :) Love ya Anna!! All the best with the new arrival...

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zerry ht said...

Anna and Iza’s Baby Shower looks super stunning. From the theme to the party game, everything is just so fabulous here. Gratitude for sharing the photos. I also would be hosting the birthday bash PLUS baby shower for a cousin and going to book suitable event venue Atlanta for that.


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