Sunday, March 6, 2011

Choosing the Right Wall Color

I must admit.. choosing the perfect wall color is never eva an easy task... I spent days just studying and admiring the paint color which is currently offered by Jotun and Nippon.. What's hot and what's not.. hehehe...

For the master bedroom... spashes of light purple.. It just glow dreamily away.. here are pictures of Farissa sucking up her favorite color on her mama's room!!

See her hair flying around from the breeze.. yup.. I've got my fan installed.. yippee!!

Sang labah song anyone??

My living room curtain matched the clear blue by Nippon..

Lavendar color for the master bedroom..

Last but not least.. Floral peach paint color to match Farissa's peach curtain.. *sigh* *love*


Melor Rahman said...

dear no longer exist. you can point my blog to

Nadra Farissa said...

wokeh!!! lupe ar.. hehehe...

Iela Fazielah said...

semua color yg smooth je kan... nice.. tp living hall u nnt.. perabot byk warna kunig cairkan...kira matching dgn warna blue lembut lah ye??? nice combination

Liz said...

OMG it was YOU tadi! Patut lah macam familiar habis! I saw you look at me and then I terfikir, very very very familiar face. Bile dah teringat, I bukak blog I and looked for your blog. Then carik you cos wanted to tegur but dah tak jumpe dah. I left at 2pm tadi but still didn't manage to see you. Sorry! So what did you get? Hehe


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